January 27, 2021
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Day 1 of restrictions: Gardai mount visible policing campaign across city

Gardaí have mounted a visible policing campaign around travel, social distancing and large gatherings as day one of Level 3 Covid-19 restrictions came into effect in the city.

Checkpoints were set up across the county as gardai mounted extra patrols on foot and bicycles.

In the city centre today, many customers dined outdoors, a requirement of the new public health guidance. And while restaurants, cafes and pubs serving food are the businesses hardest hit by Level 3 restrictions, their suppliers will suffer too.

One seafood wholesaler in the capital has been left with around €35,000 worth of fresh fish and live stock, that had been destined for restaurants this weekend. Niall Sabongi, owner of Sustainable Seafood Ireland described the scenario as like a “reoccuring nightmare”.

Meanwhile, one Dublin GP has said that there has been a “really noticeable increase” in patients with symptoms and the number of referrals for Covid-19 testing in the last three weeks.

Dr Michelle DeBrun said that a few weeks ago, they would have been referring two to three people for testing each day.

Dr DeBrun, who works at Dr Bent’s practice in Dundrum, told RTÉ News that they had been seeing younger families and younger people initially, but they are now starting to see an increase in the over 65s category.

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